Spacewar: TNG

I stuck this up here because it used to be on my old 'code' page. It's an two-player arcade game for the Atari ST. It's kind of neat because it has some sort-of-funky lighting and particle effects, and it is based on the first ever arcade game - Spacewar.

You can download the LHarc file of it (58k), if you have an ST. I don't see why it wouldn't work on Pacifist - you'll need two joysticks, either way. Note: I just tried to download Pacifist, with a view to making a couple of screengrabs, and it seems to have been wiped from the face of the earth! I hope this is temporary - it's a great emulator!

Here's the readme, which dates the whole thing very nicely - ST Format? SouthWest Software? Newfangled Falcons? An earlier version of this was actually on the cover of ST Format one time - my proudest ST coding moment ahem*- and earned me 50 quid.

* Actually - having SWTNG trained and 'cracked' and put on someone's crack disk as a filler was probably cooler (Hi Pele & Co if you are still about).