The idea is that this will contain all those odd little hacks that someone else might find useful. I don't often finish these to any great degree, but I only usually go to the trouble of writing something if I can't find it has already been done (you won't see a WankySpanky X11 IRC client), so they are probably useful to someone else too.

Work In Progress

Going on past performance, there is about a 30% chance of anything listed here actually ever being finished.
A BeOS Image Translator add-on for Atari ST image formats (PC?, PI? and NEO at first). I intend to add GEM IMG, Spectrum 512 SPC,SPU and SPS and probably CrackArt and TinyStuf, just cos I have the decoders somewhere. This is behaving strangely at the moment (read: not working), but as soon as I can figger out a way to easily debug add-ons, I'll put an Intel and PPC R4.5 version up.
I once wrote a curses-based analog clock (which I ought to put on this page as a finished thing at some stage). In the readme file for it I put 'watch out for tfishtank' as a joke, but I have been fiddling with this lately to de-rust my C++. I have the basics of a C++ class heirarchy for masked ncurses sprites with different behaviours. Maybe it'll end up being a FreeBSD screensaver plugin.
Paradroid Evolution
I enjoyed playing Paradroid in all it's original incarnations (C64, P90 on ST and Quazatron on Spectrum), and always wanted a networked version for the ST (I was into midimaze and stuff then). I started writing this on my ST in 68000 but my graphics coding skills are pathetic, and I never got a satisfactory fullscreen scrolling playfield without using the blitter.

I think that PC hardware has caught up enough to hide my inadequacies now, so I am looking at this again, using either DirectX, or ClanLib (more likely - cos then I get a BeOS version). I like 2D sprite games! Especially with LOS.

A DirectX 5 Boulderdash clone. The game engine is pretty much done. It scrolls nicely, works with my gamepad OK. There is no sound right now, and it runs a bit fast. It doesn't deal with paletted screens very well either. It was rather difficult to get tutorial-like docs for DirectX/DirectDraw, I found. I want to add the brains to load original compressed BD levels (have code, no time). I should probably get an alternate graphics set from the original FirstStar ones, too :)

Things I Actually Finished

Or close to it, anyway. There must be some other things that aren't work from the last few years :)

Font Management Gizmos

Last night I got really annoyed with sorting through fonts with stupid names - both Adobe and Corel use some wierd naming convention for their font files. These scripts allow you to rename the fonts to the font names, like they should be. Versions for TrueType and Adobe Type 1.

Spacewar: TNG

I stuck this up here because it used to be on my old 'code' page. It's an two-player arcade game for the Atari ST. It's kind of neat because it has some sort-of-funky lighting and particle effects, and it is based on the first ever arcade game - Spacewar.