Font Management Gizmos

Last night I got really annoyed with sorting through fonts with stupid names - both Adobe and Corel use some wierd naming convention for their font files. These scripts allow you to rename the fonts to the font names, like they should be.

Before you grab them, know that they were 30 minute hack-up jobs to help me sort out my font collection - they are not exactly bomb-proof. They work for me. You'll need Perl for the T1 version and Visual C++ (probably any other Win32 C compiler) for the TrueType one if you want to improve it (or fix it, more likely). The TrueType version uses the excellent FreeType Library to do all the hard work.
This zip is the source and the .exe file. It seems there is a (small - 256?) limit on the number of bytes in a command line, so it will only take about 6 or 7 files dragged onto it. Never mind eh? You only use it once.
A basic perl script to rename Type 1 fonts as found in their native habitat (on PCs anyway).