Welcome to my corner of the web

In the tradition of personal homepages all over the web, I started this one as a big list of things I liked in various categories. It's really dull. So it doesn't do that anymore. I have trained the web-fairies that live in my computer to make a new page each time you load it. You get a different selection of things I like each time. If your browser is powerful enough, you might even see the fairies(*). If you really care, you can get the list, or you can just ignore the whole thing. I would. Actually, that's not true, I often catch myself looking at pictures of other peoples cats when I was only looking at their page to find out about some software or other they wrote.

I'd like to have a homepage like Jamie Zawinski or Phillip Greenspun, with actual stuff on it, but I spend too much time working and not enough time doing anything interesting to write about. Instead of that, I have a page of things I might look at if I ever got time, and things that didn't get finished. If you want to read some interesting things, I would recommend either of the two sites above - The second one if you like photographs.

(*) The fairies are currently being bred to obtain one with little enough self-will to allow it to spend all day rifling through my stuff. I like the idea of the fairies though, so I'll persevere with them.

click for bigger Starting from about 3 months before Q3A came out, ID started releasing these snazzy character sheets of the new player models. This seems to have been picked up by the 'Quake Community' (as the group of people who like like nothing better than blowing the crap out of each other like to call themselves) for their own skins and player models (like this very cool one). Here's me as a player model. It seemed like a good idea when I though of it, but it was kind of late. Next in this series of silly quake things might be a gelatinous blob model, which ripples and quivers to taunt you. Or perhaps not.