22nd January 2000
Removed some junk (random whining), and added some junk (the Q3A character sheet).
8th October 1999
Added some screenshots to the spacewar page. Added some vapourware to the Projects page.
11th September 1999
A bit of content now. If you can call a links page and an old Atari game content.
10th September 1999
I think I am a bit happier with the top and bottom bits now. Spent a little while trying to get CSS to do all my formatting effortlessly, but I don't think it will.
22nd August 1999
Well, I finally got a little time to spend on the site. I also got a little time to play with some stuff, so the first fruits are up on the Projects page - a couple of font management 'tools'.
29th July 1999
The domain is registered :-)
The play layout looks suspiciously like I watched a lot of wingspanbank.com ads while I was on holiday in Washington last month.

This seems as good a place as any to put a few credits & things -- is that what Contacts was supposed to be for??

Two of the little banner thingies are partly pinched background graphics from the Enlightenment window manager's DR13 release. The shades have been changed to protect the innocent.