A lot of this is here so that I don't need to keep lugging by bookmarks between systems, to be honest.


Handy things. FAQ
This is a really dense and useful site. I am in the process of acquiring an SGI Indy, and this site had all sorts of handy stuff regarding the sync-on-green monitor (Sony GDM20E11) that it comes with, and the prospects of getting it to talk to a PC (you need an 13W3-to-15pin-dsub adapter, and a sync-on-green to h/v sync converter. They give a circuit for one of those. ) Reputable Systems do a complete kit (not of this circuit, AFAIK), if you don't like tinkering. They also have 13W3 to VGA adapters (no sync changes).
The other place I have read a large chunk of when finding out about Indy's. Excellent site. It's also where I found the people I've ordered my Indy from - they have a bunch left with (fairly) cheap UK shipping as of early September 1999...
From my research: R5000 upgrades are expensive ($800 or so). R4400SC boards are not too bad ($300 ish). XL24 Graphics upgrades are cheap ($100). XZ Graphics don't seem too exciting (Am I missing something?). Haven't seen any IndyVideo boards yet (rare?). The RAM is enough different from plain ole PC RAM to be relatively expensive - 60/16Mb for Kingston RAM from Dabs.
Burning a RedHat CD mini-HOWTO
This mini-HOWTO wasn't in the /usr/doc/ folder on my Redhat 5.2 system. I haven't checked the 6.0 one yet... Very useful though - I just did myself a '6.0 + all patches + ssh etc' CD, that works a treat.
Nokia Data Lead
Build you own lead for the Nokia 6110 and 702. Wonder why Nokia charge 90 for this thing???
Wotsit's Format
An excellent compendium of file formats, and sample code for dealing with them. Besides, you can't argue with a site called wotsit.


People who I know. You don't care about them, I should think. Never mind.
It comes to something when I don't know the URL for my SO's website. I'll burn in hell for that one (hi sweetie!).
I work with him, so I suppose I ought to put his snazzy brass-and-mahogany affair here. Maybe one day it'll even be finished.
Ditto, but without the mahogany and brass. Ask Stuii about Microsoft, go on!
Rod Jones
My Dad. I set up some pages so that he can show his paintings. Some day I'll fix it so that he can update it remotely (OK! OK! someday soon).


I nearly put the software section before the people section - got to get some perspective!
A perl library that can help you deal with Microsoft Structured Storage documents (Word, Excel etc...)
RTF Stuff
Apparently very old RTF (Rich Text Format) libarary.